1xBet bookmaker is not only one of the largest companies in the gambling business. This bookmaker has developed a wide and varied bonus system.

Thanks to it, a lot of different promotional offers, bonuses, and sweepstakes are always presented to the choice of betters. Perhaps that is why bettors liked this company so much because it shows that gambling can be not only risky but also profitable.

Complete guide how to use 1xBet bonus.

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How does the 1xBet bonus work?

Before using the 1xBet bonus and promotional code, the customers of the betting company need to understand the key features of the bonus account. Its difference from the main one is that the bonuses credited to it cannot simply be withdrawn from the bookmaker in the form of cash since they require mandatory wagering.

Take into account the peculiarity that any bonus for 1xBet has the player must wager it if he doesn’t want to qualify as a cheater. It means, that you must place a bet on the amount of all bonuses received, place it on the express or combo bets, and then repeat this action four more times. At least three matches must be calculated with odds of 1.40 or more.

Download the application and get a bonus of 144$

How to use 1xBet bonus

You can apply 1xBet bonuses in different ways: how to use them will show the capabilities of the betting company.

The transfer of bonus funds into real money directly depends on the features of the promotion:

  • If promotional points are awarded as a reward for actions, then for them you can purchase a discount coupon in the Promo code store.
  • Bonuses credit to the account can be redeemed according to the 1xBet bonus conditions of the promotional offer, after which they will become real money. Immediately after that, you will be able to exchange them for real money at the internal rate of the platform or withdraw instantly in any convenient way.

Attention: study the conditions of promotional offers especially when you consider that each bonus has a different amount of time. Thus, a welcome bonus for registering your account has the longest duration: it must be won back within 30 days.

In the same time, bonus funds for Happy Friday promotions are provided only for 24 hours, which is equivalent to the minimum possible duration of the bonus.

How to use 1xBet bonus.

Download the application and get a bonus of 144$

1xBet bonus programs for promo points

  • Welcome reward. Any betters who first wanted to become a client of a betting company can receive a bonus 1xBet of $100 upon registration. This promotion implies a 100% increase in the first deposit.
  • Birthday gift. This exclusive bonus is issued only once every 365 days. It is on the day when you were born, the company will give you a present and give out a bonus code for 1xBet free bet. This perpetual promotion is a fairly simple way of how to get a 1xBet bonus, without doing any special things. The only thing the company requires from betters is a verified account and the exact correspondence between the data in the account and the passport.
  • Happy Friday. This is a promotional offer that becomes active only on Fridays. According to the conditions, betters can receive a 100% bonus for replenishment, which will be 1-110$ or equivalent.
  • Wednesday – multiply by 2. Betters can get 1xBet promo points if they make combo bets within a certain period, each of which has minimum odds of at 1.40. Their total amount must be equal to the bonus Happy Friday. The terms of the promotion and the 1xBet bonus called Wednesday – multiply by 2 imply that after performing the above actions, a 100% increase in the deposit will become active. The maximum size is 110$ or equivalent.
  • Lucky day. This program allows bettors to receive bonuses for a regular bet. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the 1xBet free bet – any perfect in the “Sports” category or line will do.
  • After this action, a lottery ticket will be linked to your account. It is participating in the drawing of 500 promo points. If your ticket appears in the list of winners, you will receive the indicated points in 1xBet: how to use them will be described in detail in the conditions of the promotional offer.
  • Beat 1xBet. The condition of the promotion includes a deposit of up to 110$. To activate, it is mandatory to replenish the game account by 1-110$ on the specified day, and then to wager the bonus funds. The accrued funds are 1xGames bonuses in 1xBet: the conditions of the action will tell you how to wager them. In general, you need to wager the entire amount, which is 30 times the number of bonuses. Use the games from the 1xGames section for this. Check the list of games participating in the promotion on the company’s website: over time, they change and supplement.

1xBet bonus programs for promo points.

Download the application and get a bonus of 144$

1xBet bonus conditions

Promotions and 1xBet bonuses today offer the bookmaker customers many rewards in the form of bonus points and prizes. As a reward for participating in promotional offers, the administration rewards betters and promotional codes.

Free 1xBet bonuses can be found in a variety of programs:

  • get in the form of marketing newsletters by email address or mobile registration number;
  • participating in promotional offers;
  • studying company news;
  • finding the current list of promo codes 1xBet from a reputable bettor.

As soon as new customers create a personal account, a countdown of 30 days begins. Use this time to fill out personal information in your account and deposit funds up to $100 on your game deposit.

If you use a 1xBet promotional code, then the bonus on it is credited instantly. The same thing happens with most bonus offers. In some promotions, crediting a bonus takes longer, but this rarely happens.

1xBet bonus promo code.

If you fulfill the conditions of the promotion, win back the funds according to the rules, then you can subsequently withdraw them from the betting company in the form of real money. Carefully study 1xBet bonus rules of the chosen action, because the nuances and features of the game differ for each promotional offer.

Also, if you do not know what to do with 1xBet bonuses or you do not need them, you have the right to refuse to use them at any time. In this case, all accrued bonuses and the funds won on them will be canceled.

To prevent new bonuses from being added to your account, disable consent to participate in promotional offers. You can find the appropriate section in your account.

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